Damn how can I forget… I have to get up early tomorrow/today…. .____.
okay goodnight then
(I think I fried my brain on the weekend OTL)

just a rant of nothing >.< sorry just complaining don’t need to read

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Why do I feel like I am taking a crash course in life, as an adult lately…

But I got a job… I dunno .____________. it’s weird
I feel threatened though….

job interview tomorrow…. urgh I am nervous and that will be my face exactly in the morning tomorrow… OTL

….wow things are way not the same…kinda sucks knowing 9 days later that you are taken, and never told me. what’s even worse is the song i have stuck in my head is bittersweet. the word lovely now just is bleh…maybe it is time to just focus on getting my licenses and climb up the cooperate…funny how I only went and tried out for this job so you wouldn’t have to live in your car…ouch

this week has been nothing but bittersweet,

but the best thing is at least I will be doing something with my life, and eventually

someone will want in your spot, and I’ll hand them my heart and say, please don’t break it. it can’t stand anymore disappointment.

well goodnight :I


Today, was just a pain in the ass, not only did dannie purposely flake on me, so he wouldn’t have to be with me at the mall, but I found out that I am lower then a dog in my crush’s eyes….like really you can’t tell me why you are sad, I already kinda think I know, but instead you tell a dog at your work…. -_________-

you can’t trust me or what??? you are the one who said we could actually hang outside of your environment. so what changed? and now I am going to see you less and less. I dunno, but I like you dude, and I guess I am going to have to grow the balls and do something about it….
And come tonight “Sunday night” I have to sleep early, to be up at 4:30 am every damn day of this week… D; no more sleep for me