xD shindanmaker… yea I’m bored .____.

  • Vanessa is married to Sungjong and spends all her life drawing on his face as he sleeps

So I decided to Morph Joon & Tao together…and this came of it

http://www.morphthing.com/showimage/1/fdf3020dd79fd67c21ade47f8b787dea/0/57138067/joon-MBLAQ-31012010082907-jpg.jpeg   &&&&&  http://www.morphthing.com/showimage/1/70db9373fa440ad8af531dede25bc111/0/57138068/taoooohcutie-png.jpeg        =

Baby of taoooohcutie.png and joon_MBLAQ_31012010082907.jpg

That’s what happens when you use bad pictures to make their baby….It turned into a mexican/indian baby


will you go out with me?

A) yes

B) a

C) b

I Gave In….

I changed my picture to Joon, cuz well, he looks way better then me .________.

ooooh well