To my tumblr followers

I just wanted to say thank you so much for still following me when I haven’t been very active. And I apologize for being on such an off and on hiatus. I really can’t begin to express the feelings of gratitude I have for all of you that are still following me. I do want to let you know this off and on hiatus will still continue for some time because I have no idea what the future has for me in the next two months…basically long story short my family and I are losing our house of 5 years because it was sold from underneath us…so the new owners gave us 60days to move. I will try to stay semi-active or at least queue a few things here and there. But again thank you all so much for sticking by me even without knowing if I am going to post or not.


hey guys so i’m going to be semi-hiatus right now, of course i will be occasionally checking it here and there, and if you message me and i get it i will always respond, i just need a break right now because of personal life, but feel free to talk to me still, blog is on queue for now probably might be a week long semi-hiatus kay? love you all~ ( ノ ◜ ◡ ◝ ) ノ *:・゚♥ 

Hey guys sorry about my half assed queue I have going on, my wifi is down ;-; anyway I semi think tumblr is eating my messages lately too if you wana talk to me you can talk to me on twitter kay guys my twitter is @chengukatic alright back to writing a fic night

Question to you my followers:

hey there guys okay well i am going to be a little busy right now because I have to work on the resuces’ tumblr account since I got put in charge yay! anyway though the actual point to this post too is that soon I want to host a giveaway because I have so many wonderful followers, and i need ideas of what you guys would want and please be reasonable ;-; cuz it will be most likely just a small give away. I was thinking maybe b.a.p’s new cd, or infinite h? or well name a group and i’ll consider what i will do, and make a tally of it, i want to make it three winners so there is more then one chance, first prize will probably be two cds of equal or less value plus the post that it goes with it, second prize would be one cd and poster, and then the third would be like a key chain or two..but again these are ideas cuz of like i’d have to save money. and i will ship internationally because not everyone is close. but please if you want to add input be wonderful kay~ inbox me, and if i didn’t get the message tumblr might have ate it…


— Hey guys :) im running errands right now l wanted to thank my two new followers right now though. So thank you so much!~

Born On 12/26/12


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How we party in pacomia, CA, USA
.-. Cops came oh shit

Just a fair warning to all my lovely followers: I have been drinking….so if I end up drunk blogging sorry x.X I love you all and thanks for understanding. And happy new years to all of you! Be safe!


i basically have the mentality of a puppy when i’m talking to someone on the internet

like if they don’t respond quickly i assume they hate me and are gone forever and we’re never gonna talk again

but then they respond and it’s like i come running in HI HI HOW WAS YOUR DAY I THOUGHT YOU WERE NEVER COMING BACK I LOVE YOU 


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This is random but hey guys I have song pop if you guys wana play me.

Username is awolfinside xD I figured that would be semi obvious… i kinda suck so ya but anyway playing on my phone

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Sorry guys ugh it didnt work anyway sorry I haven’t been blogging much these past couple days. The wifi has been down again ;-; anywho merry early christmas you guys <3

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