Just so you fucking know

Whoever sent Sefina hate (you know who you are don’t hide) you are just so low, especially if you sent her messages telling her to kill herself.

She handled the hate well (I follow exo-body-porn, so I see the drama), but everyone has their breaking point.

I am so angry and upset, that people have the fucking audacity in their right mind to tell someone to kill themselves. I hate every single one of you ok.

I don’t care if people hate me back. This is wrong, and somewhere in your mind, YOU KNOW THIS IS VERY WRONG TOO.

I don’t want to lose Sefina like this, because I adore her to bits. Shes so funny, and I love her strong opinions. But people give her grief wherever and whenever she walks. I wish people didn’t have to be so fucking sensitive. IF YOURE SO FUCKING SENSITIVE, THEN SHOULDN’T YOU BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS TOO, SINCE THAT WAS WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSEDLY “DEFENDING”.

I hate people like that. So fucking annoying in every way. People become so blind in their “defense”, they probably don’t realize they’re hurting the other. Or maybe they do.

Then if that’s the case.

All of you.

Get out.

THIS^ i just can’t believe people went to that low of a point to try and hurt her, fucking bastards 


awww the cute guy from petco gave me candy

…>.> why though?

weird I think he is kissing ass now xD

cuz his and my co-worker is sooooo much better looking

with better personality<3

Little piece of advice to man whores

-if you cheat on a girl you barely started going out with, you are NOT happy

so please why cheat on them, and go back to them saying you love them, and how they make you happy.

yet your screwing your best friend’s friend

-_________- come on that is so not love nor is it being happy

*been there lately*

also the ones who help the person cheat(._. me also)

shame on you(yes me too >.<)

it’s wrong on both halves

just hope his woman don’t get to mad.

but i shall stick to my co-worker (A) instead the one who is “taken” (M)

too much goes on in February